Objectifs et contenu

INPRO will use inter-professionalism for the teaching personnel in the respective professional context as a method in the elementary and primary education area to develop, to test and to implement throughout Europe an optimised instrument set in an innovative way. Both in the further education in tandem with work, among others, by means of the train-the-trainer approach and through coaching in the networks of the child care the project goals will be envisaged as well as in the initial training where an appropriate curriculum will be established. This will be achieved by using the steps and the implementation as described in the application:
  • INPRO subjects further education
  • INPRO subjects initial education
  • Learning unit: inter-professionalism and international competence
  • Coaching unit: provider certification...


The consortium of the partner countries consisting of significant trans-national participants from associations, cooperation partners, job training facilities, providers, scientists, technical consultants, representatives from facilities and stake-holders is on the one hand practically relevant and beyond that to a high degree transfer-interested as well as suitable.

Through cooperation with the partner countries Germany, Great Britain, Luxemburg, Austria and Poland an appreciable European transfer will additionally be achieved by this besides the sector-wise one.

Der INPRO-Fächer

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