INPRO offers a pool of contents and methods, that can be used flexibly in the area of interprofessionalism in childcare. The material summarized on this page should inspire and encourage trainers to model trainings of interprofessionalism.


INPRO Manual

In the first section the INPRO handbook provides an overview of basic principles of working interprofessionally. The second part of the handbook showcases the findings of the INPRO project and serves as a guideline for action in interprofessional contexts. It is designed especially for managers, trainers, teachers and multipliers in organisation of professional education to inspire them to use and to support interprofessional methods in practice.


INPRO Fan Further Training

The INPRO Fan further education provides varied methods suitable for the use in further education of professionals. Contents and methods are structured in four learning areas: case management, recording child’s educational and personal development, intercultural opening and health and nutrition.


INPRO Fan Vocational Training

The INPRO fan vocational training addresses to teachers in vocational education and provides them a collection of specialist literature, methodical-didactic suggestions and information to support interprofessional competencies in the vocational education.


INPRO Learning Unit International Competencies

The INPRO Learning Unit International Competencies refers to specific, professional competencies needed for the implementation of an international, European perspective in childcare.


INPRO Coaching Unit Certification

The INPRO Coaching Unit provides coaches and managers inspiration and orientation for the implementation of an interprofessinal approach in institutions. It is designed especially for the use in organisational development processes. The coaching can be also used in certification processes of family centres.