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Since then Europe has decided to provide jobs to more people and to offer a flexible and high quality child care as a prerequisite for this, interprofessionality as a service approach has been gaining in importance for all participants in the area of the integrative and modern child care. Consequently, it is necessary to implement a systematic model for the intelligent design and utilization of corresponding expert networks as needed.

From 2010 until 2012 the INPRO-partnership from Austria, Germany, Luxemburg, Poland and the United Kindom has developed, tested , optimized and established a transnational educational content for the training of interprofessionality in early childcare. The project specific learning contents and methods for training interprofessionality in the child care include as well the personnel as well as on the other hand at the professional level.

The participants schould be enabled now with the qualification modules to form, to maintain and to competently control a complex inter-professional expert network.